Detroit’s controversial incinerator to be demolished by end of 2022

Detroit — The city’s long-despised incinerator will soon be demolished, Mayor Mike Duggan and leaders announced Tuesday.

The Detroit incinerator, located at 5700 Russell near the intersection of interstates 75 and 94, has contributed to air pollution and health concerns for surrounding neighborhoods for 30 years, Duggan said.

In 2018, the administration pressured Detroit Thermal Energy, which operated the incinerator, to make major upgrades to the facility to improve its emissions.

“The is a day the neighbors have long waited for,” Duggan said outside the facility. “The odors coming out of the incinerator were atrocious. In 2018-2019, we required the operator to live up to the standards, which they realized was going to be a loss for them and decided to close operations…. But because the incinerator is mostly metal, we’re able to sell the remains.”

The controversial waste incinerator in Detroit permanently shut down in 2019 and will be demolished this year, Mayor Mike Duggan said on Tuesday, May 24, 2022.

Power is expected to be cut by DTE Energy this week and late next week, the building will start being torn down, Duggan said.

The plant, originally built and operated by the city of Detroit in 1989, had been regarded by state officials as the largest municipal solid waste incinerator in Michigan.

It permanently shut down in the spring of 2019. At the time, its private owners said the plant was too old and costly to keep open.

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