There’s no ceiling to Rashan Gary’s game

Blaise Winter is a really good answer, but I think the best name for the job should go to linebacker Ron Acks,” nuff said.

This was a popular answer that required me to use the Google machine to learn more. I’m intrigued.

Hold on. The Packers think outside the box? I guess thinking outside the box in Wisconsin is quite different than the rest of the world. I am not aware of any thinking outside the box since Lombardi was coach. none.

Then you missed a lot, Ed. I feel sorry for you.

David from Los Angeles, CA

Hi Wes, I enjoyed the Tim Masthay interview. I reviewed his career stats and there didn’t seem to be any falloff during his time with the Packers, yet despite being only about 29 years old at his release, no other team provided him an opportunity to continue his career, or so it seems . What can you add to this?

Punting is a tough gig, man. The competition is fierce and there are only 32 jobs. It doesn’t often require a backup or a playbook. But Tim is one of the all-time great humans I’ve come across in the Packers’ locker room. He was one of the first to reach out and offer his congratulations after I made the job from the PG to the Packers in 2016.

Kurtis from Port Washington, WI

Good day, sirs. On my edition of the “II Rules of Conduct,” the first three rules compel the question submitted to: 1) II rules will not be disclosed. 2) II rules will not be disclosed. 3) This document is not to be reproduced in any form.

(Soon appearing on an online auction site near you!)

It looks like we hit our monthly quota on “Fight Club” references.

You brought your ‘A’ game Friday, Boss Hod. Three laugh-out-loud moments got me chastised by my bride, who was trying to sleep. Thank you!

I’m sorry for waking your wife.

Hi Wes, I saw Insider Inbox manual next to that thing at a garage sale somewhere on the East Coast.

Better than finding it at the landfill, I suppose.

Weston Hodkiewicz! I lived in Winnipeg for a year, and that’s just as much Central time zone as Green Bay. What’s the real story about Mike missing the bus in Winnipeg?

I could tell you but then Spoff would start stealing my breakfast, too. There’s only one man who knows the real story and he’s currently on an undisclosed beach in Florida.

Please be brutally honest: I can take it. Have I hurt my chances of having questions answered by moving from Neenah to Honolulu?

We love you whether you’re Bob in Neenah or Bob in Honolulu. Plus, Spoff now has a place to stay when he’s in Oahu. So, he’s got that going for him…

Who do you think improved themselves the most in our division?

The Packers. Have a great week, folks.

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