The Boys Looks for Vought’s Next Big Superhero With In-Universe Reality Show

Homelander and Starlight headline Vought International’s new superhero reality series as part of the marketing for The Boys’ upcoming third season.

The Boys just launched the search for Vought International’s next big superhero via an in-universe reality TV show.

Titled “American Hero,” the fictional program was recently promoted by the equally fictional corporation’s official Twitter account. Billed as “the most dramatic reality series ever,” American Hero is headlined by Starlight and Homelander and sees contestants compete for the chance to join them as members of superhero group The Seven. The fake advert is part of Prime Video’s ongoing efforts to promote The Boys Season 3, and also takes a swipe at rival streaming platform Disney+.

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The marketing campaign for The Boys‘ third season has made a habit of blurring the line between the real world and the reality of the show. Another recent example is the trailer for Dawn of the Sevena promo for a non-existent film modeled on actual blockbusters like 2021’s Zack Snyder’s Justice League and shared by the Vought International accountZack Snyder himself even played along with the gag, sharing his support for made-up director Adam Bourke and his creative vision.

As outrageous as these promotional efforts may seem, showrunner Eric Kripke recently promised fans that The Boys Season 3 will be even crazier† “One tease I can say is, in the first 15 minutes of episode one we have not just the craziest sequence we have ever done, but the craziest sequence pretty much anybody has ever done,” he said. “It’s so jaw-droppingly insane. It’s so much fun. It’s the best job I have ever had, to think about this stuff. It’s always the frosting on the cake.”

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Kripke also talked up the third season’s live action version of the comics’ notorious “Herogasm” storyline† “It’s a massive orgy and a hilarious, weird setting for the show. It’s infamous among fans of The Boys,” he teased. “One thing we managed is to get several genuinely emotional, heartbreaking scenes in that orgy. If there is anything that The Boys does well, we can break your heart in the middle of an orgy!”

The Boys showrunner described Homelander’s mental state as well, explaining how it sets up his inevitable superpowered showdown with Billy Butcher† “Homelander feels victimized and petulant and aggrieved, as if somehow the most powerful person on the planet is the biggest victim on the planet… he’s heading towards a breaking point,” Kripke said.

The Boys Seasons 1 and 2 are currently streaming on Prime Video. Season 3 arrives on June 3.

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