3D Bird View: Furuno’s new autonomous navigation feature

In addition to chart information, and using a combination of data from Radar, AIS information, risk of collision areas, etc., it displays a 3D bird’s eye view of the space around the vessel. The height and angle of the bird’s-eye view can be freely adjusted, so that the situation around your vessel can be monitored from all angles. This gives you an instant visual understanding of the situation around your vessel, making it easier to plan routes to avoid collisions with other vessels and to provide surveillance support from the shore.

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The ship of the future is becoming a reality as Furuno is developing advanced systems for the first autonomous ship, planned to be launched by 2025


Over the last few years, the shipping industry has seen a rapid increase in the use of cutting-edge digital technology to visualize operational status, on-board and off-board navigation, and engine systems. Based on the most recent advancements in marine electronics and communications technologies, Furuno is developing new technological innovations to achieve safer and more efficient autonomous ship operations. Learn more about Furuno’s initiatives.

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The objective is to reduce the number of maritime accidents to zero.

We plan to achieve this goal by focusing on Two Key Areas:

Autonomous Navigation & Remote Management

Autonomous Navigation

See the unseen and let AI (Artificial Intelligence) make the right decisions and steer the vessel for you. Autonomous navigation will only be possible when two conditions are met:

Recognition – using sophisticated equipment and unique technologies to understand the surrounding situation. This is ENVISION.

Decision† analyzing the data collected to make the best decisions to allow the crew to reach their objectives safely.

In moving towards this goal, several crucial technologies have already been developed. AR (Augmented Reality) Navigation System also known as ENVISION, and also Risk Visualizer™ & Berthing Assistance. It is the combination of all these technologies that will enable us to achieve autonomous navigation:


Remote Management

Because remote maintenance and management are essential to keep equipment running smoothly for a long time, and because the world is increasingly connected, we built the necessary communication infrastructures between shore and onboard ships with a view to the future digital shift of the entire maritime industry.

We propose and offer a variety of ICT/IoT solutions that meet the needs of our customers.

IoT Solutions: FOP (Furuno Open Platform) and HermAce (Navigation Data Sharing)

ICT Solutions: SafeComNet (Furuno Mobile Satellites Services)


Towards the digital transformation of ships and the maritime world

Over the years, we have worked hard to develop the most advanced and reliable sensors on the planet. Now we are looking to the future with autonomous ships and remote data management to offer the best safety and comfort at sea!

Join us and embark on a full speed journey towards the digital transformation of the maritime world.

Let’s go Full Ahead, with Furuno!

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