The Best Ways to Raise Pressure Levels

The best way to increase the Pressure of the ecosystem in The Planet Crafter is by constructing Drills, a utility machine that comes in four tiers.

Pressure is one of the three primary resources in The Planet Crafter required to increase the Terraformation Index score of the player’s planet. Survivors can raise the Pressure levels in the ecosystem by constructing machines such as Drills, Heaters, Ore Extractors, and Rockets. Heaters Ore Extractors generate Pressure as a byproduct while their main functionality is focused on producing Heat or mining a target mineral in The Planet Crafter† On the other hand, the main purpose of Drilling is to release the natural gases trapped within the ground. As a result, the pressure of the atmosphere increases, advancing the Terraformation Index.


Therefore, the Drill and its upgraded variations are the best way to efficiently raise the planet’s Pressure in The Planet Crafter† To get started, the protagonist must construct the Drill T1, a device that becomes available once the Construction Microchip has been created in the Landing Pod’s Craft Station. The Drill T1 is exceptionally cheap to build, costing only Iron ×1 and Titanium ×1. This tier-1 device generates 0.20 nPa/s for 0.50 kW/s of Power.

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Once players have reached a Pressure level of 1.2 μPa, they will unlock the Drill T2, which produces 1.50 nPa/s for 5.00 kW/s. To make a tier-2 Drill, The Planet Crafter survivors will need the same materials as T1, except one extra Titanium.

Increasing Pressure Levels In The Planet Crafter

Increasing Pressure Levels In The Planet Crafter

The materials and requirements for the T1 and T2 of Drill construction are relatively easy to attain. However, T3 and T4 raise the prerequisite bar, significantly increasing the resources and required conditions for assembly. Below are the prerequisites and materials necessary for crafting the best Pressure-producing Drills in The Planet Crafter

Drill T3: unlocks after Heat levels reach 21.00 nK

  • Iron ×2
  • Titanium ×2
  • Aluminum ×2

Drill T4: unlocks when Heat reaches 41.00 μK

  • Super Alloy ×6
  • Osmium ×3

The Drill T3 produces 17 Pressure per second at an 8.5/s cost of Energy, which isn’t too much better than T2. However, the Drill T4 takes a massive leap in Pressure production, generating 459.00 nPa/s for 45.50 kW/s. Naturally, the tier-4 Drill is the most efficient and effective means of acquiring Pressure for Terraformation, but players will need rare resources in The Planet Crafter to build one.

The Planet Crafter fans can further increase their Pressure levels by constructing the Magnetic Field Protection Rocket. This Rocket doesn’t directly produce any resource, but it is able to increase the rate at which the Drills generate Pressure exponentially.

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The Planet Crafter is available on PC.

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