Staff Machine Learning Engineer at Spotify

Music attribution at scale is one of the great unsolved technical problems of the music industry, and we’re building groundbreaking technology to solve it. Our goal is to solve this problem for the more than 60 million music tracks playable on Spotify, building a knowledge graph through machine learning models, deep domain expertise, and close integration with human-in-the-loop processes across Spotify and the industry. Content Platform’s catalog data powers Spotify experiences from Artist pages in the app, search and recommendations, human playlist curation, Spotify for Artists, and our music industry strategy!

We are looking for a Staff Engineer to help us define and build Spotify’s Music Knowledge Graph. The team is composed of product, machine learning, data and backend engineers, and domain experts who average 11 years behind the scenes in the music industry. We expand the state of the art in AI-based machine technology, which enables thoughtful, efficient, and intuitive ways to search, re-use, explore or process metadata. You will use world-class engineering and machine learning techniques on real-world, internal, and external big data to directly impact the evolution of our music catalog!

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