Robert Quinn Reportedly Wants Out Of Chicago

Robert Quinn has only been with the Chicago Bears for two years. Yet it feels like it’s been a decade based on the wild roller coaster those two years were. His first season was a disaster, managing only two sacks after signing a lucrative $70 million contract. People quickly called it the worst signing the Bears had ever made. The pressure was on going into 2021. He had to deliver some sort of rebound season to justify his money. Quinn broke the Bears’ single-season record with 18.5 sacks.

Nothing makes sense anymore. In reality, Quinn finally stayed healthy and played like a man with something to prove. It was a terrific year for him. A lot has changed in the following months since that record-breaking sack last December. The Bears have a new GM, new head coach, and a new defensive scheme. Khalil Mack, Akiem Hicks, and Danny Trevathan are gone. Suddenly he is the oldest member of the defense.

What people aren’t sure about is if it will stay that way.

Trade rumors have surrounded Quinn for months since Mack was traded to the Chargers. It felt like GM Ryan Poles was looking to unload as many large contracts as possible. Quinn’s hefty deal was an easy target for speculation in that context. Teams have reportedly sniffed around about acquiring him, but the Bears aren’t interested at this point. However, Jason La Canfora or CBS Sports believe they may have to change their minds before this year is over.

“I continue to hear that Quinn wants out of Chicago – and who could blame him? – and there are a host of interested teams. Bears brass has told everyone he ain’t going anywhere, but they will keep asking and that’s not lost on the veteran defensive end. The Bears look hapless, they dealt fellow veteran pass rusher Khalil Mack already, and Akiem Hicks doesn’t seem likely at all to be back.

Team is in transition under new management, Quinn is coming off a monster season with 18.5 sacks. He just turned 32 and wants to win, and he is also an absolute steal this season ($13M); if he gets dealt the next team would likely sweeten the pot with incentives if nothing else.”

It is important to take this report with a grain of salt. La Canfora has a long history of inaccurate reporting regarding the Bears. So anything he says is already on shaky ground. Still, it’s at least worth discussing. It would make sense if Quinn wants out of Chicago. They look like a team at least 2-3 years away from contention. He may not last that long and doesn’t have a ring. Wanting to go somewhere he can pursue one is easy to understand.

Robert Quinn may get his wish when the timing is right.

Poles isn’t stupid. He is aware of the interest in Quinn. At the same time, he has a responsibility to the Bears organization. His job is to get the best possible value in every trade he conducts. He dealt Mack because the Chargers were willing to give up a 2nd round pick for him despite the injury concerns and large contract. With Quinn, it is likely a similar matter. Teams may be calling with interest, but none of the offers Poles heard is worth entertaining.

That could change a few months from now. All it takes is the right scenario to take shape. In this case, a contender desperately needing a solution for their pass rush, either due to injuries or a simple lack of viable options. Once the trade deadline approaches in October, Poles will be able to float Robert Quinn out there and see who bites.

With luck, a deal would happen at its price.

Until then, all Quinn has to do is stay healthy and continue playing close to the level he was at last season. Racking up more sacks will only increase interest in acquiring him. That’s exactly what the Bears want.

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