Best Sci-Fi Games That Let You Take Over Different Planets

Whether it’s empire building or simply getting one’s boots on the ground to admire the fantastical and beautiful array of worlds in space, indeed, players can’t get enough of this idea.

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As part of the generations that were born after the age of explorers (who ventured around the globe) and haven’t yet ventured into space, the knack to discover and unearth the mysteries of what’s out there still resonates with many today. In many space-themed games, most players can’t help but be drawn to foreign, mysterious planets. Whether it is done in the first person or in empire-building games where these planets can offer vital resources or strange relics, the idea of ​​discovering and colonizing will entice any gamer who’s enamored with space.


6 Outer Wilds

Though technically not a game that allows you to take over different planets, this mysterious and awe-inspiring game has players unravel the mystery of a solar system that is trapped in a 22-minute loop, after which the sun goes supernova.

As players land on the various planets within the solar system to uncover the hints and clues left by an ancient alien civilization, each planet that has been thoroughly discovered feels like a puzzle that’s been completed. As there is no strict order in how the game is approached, players can slowly unravel the mystery of this strange and beautiful game.

5 Dyson Sphere Program

In the far future, society exists in a virtual space program and requires power to expand its energy and computational capabilities, players are sent out to harness energy from various planets to create a Dyson sphere. Similar to other factory simulation games, players will gather raw resources to create the ultimate energy machine complex.

As players will spawn on a random planet surrounded by a series of nearby planets and moons, players will need to create an assortment of factories and industries to begin acquiring power and upgrades to harness more energy. Eventually, players will conquer nearby planets and convert their surfaces into the perfect energy harnessing system ever. Glory to the machines!

4 slipways

slipways is a game that is more puzzle-based than anything else and will have players connecting planets of different biomes to create the ideal trading network. Through discovery and research, players will link their planets accordingly to ensure the right needs and resources are being created and satisfied.

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In a short period, players will have unraveled a portion of space and have several dozens of planets linked together through slipways and various technological innovations. Players will deliberate on where the best links should be and attempt to maximize the profit and prosperity of their ever-growing trade empire.

3 No Man’s Sky

When it comes to exploring and taking over planets, No Man’s Sky deserves to be mentioned. Though there are many opinions about the game, the good aspect is that it is a gem for players interested in exploring planets, moons, and of course, getting to name them.

The game is an open-world (or open universe) exploration and survival game that boasts over 18 quintillion planets, which is a helluva lot of planets. Planets have their unique lifeforms and various alien species will be encountered, giving opportunities for combat or trade. The game captures the optimism and excitement of space exploration and amongst other titles on the market, one can’t get closer to that experience than No Man’s Sky.

2 Elite Dangerous

Though not on the same scale as the aforementioned No Man’s SkyElite Dangerous does offer it unique take on space exploration and planet scoping. In Elite Dangerousplayers can feel like Indiana Jones and embark on some exploring, bounty hunting, or alien-blasting adventures. Players have the choice of doing whatever they want in this massive sandbox experience.

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That said, this game demands more time from its players as it’s not something people can hop into for 20 minutes. It’s a game that requires a few hours at least as objectives and goals do take time. However, players should give it the time it needs, the experience that Elite Dangerous offers can be truly breathtaking and incredible.

1 Stellaris

Considered to be the ultimate grand strategy space game, Stellaris allows players the opportunity to establish their interstellar empires. From humble beginnings where players control a single planet, players will explore nearby systems and set up new colonies that fit the needs of their species.

As the game progresses, players will research new technologies, build up their fleets, and engage with other space-faring civilizations. Players can be part of new galactic republics or eradicate other species depending on their style of play and their species’ traits. There is a myriad of possibilities and mysteries that exist within the galaxy. But players should also prepare for the end game crisis scenarios that could spell doom for everything they’ve set up.

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