Apple (AAPL) reportedly showed upcoming AR/VR headset to its board

It could potentially unveil the product to consumers within the next few months.

It sounds like Apple (AAPL) has an AR/VR headset in the works that’s not only complete from a conceptual sense, but physically as well. According to Bloomberg, it recently shared the headset with its board which includes the likes of eight independent directors and Tim Cook, Apple’s Chief Executive Officer.

As noted by Bloomberg

The meeting was a private one held behind closed doors, and as such, Bloomberg’s sources asked not to be identified. Furthermore, because the meeting was private, information about the AR/VR headset remains sparse outside of its existence.

That said, the device — codenamed N301 — has reportedly been in development since 2015 with Senior Vice President of Hardware Technology, Mike Rockwell, heading the project alongside Dan Riccio, Apple’s former Senior VP of Hardware Engineering.

We also know from Bloomberg’s sources that it’s described as a mixed reality headset that uses “pass-through” augmented reality in the form of exterior cameras that stream images to ultra-high-resolution displays inside the headset. It also boasts a number of advanced processors in line with Apple’s newest Macs.

While the idea of ​​using a full headset for something like augmented reality sounds cumbersome, it’s reported that Apple is also working on standalone AR glasses codenamed N421.

Apple's AR/VR headset would represent the company's first new product category since it debuted its Apple Watch in 2015.
Apple’s AR/VR headset would represent the company’s first new product category since it debuted its Apple Watch in 2015.

As for when consumers might catch a glimpse of Apple’s AR/VR headset and learn more about it tech wise, estimates from Bloomberg suggest that Apple could potentially announce it within the next few months, with a release planned for sometime in 2023.

The headset is not only exciting in terms of Apple getting into the AR/VR market alongside other companies like Facebook (Meta), but it also represents the company’s first new product category since it debuted its Apple Watch in 2015 according to Bloomberg.

For even more on Apple’s AR/VR headset, be sure to read through the full report from Bloomberg

After hearing that Apple has an AR/VR headset in the works, we’re curious what you’d like to see from the device. For example, what price range do you think Apple might set the headset at? Let us know in Chatty, and for more on Apple, also be sure to check out our recent coverage of how Apple is rumored to be testing color e-ink display tech for foldable iPads and iPhones

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