Machine learning can unlock potential of EEG data: Beacon Biosignals

With the brain being such a complex component of the human anatomy, it is perhaps unsurprising that diagnosing and treating conditions impacting the brain are also incredibly complicated. Outsourcing-Pharma recently spoke with Jake Donoghue, CEO and co-founder of Beacon Biosignals, about how cracking open electroencephalogram (EEG) data with the use of machine learning (ML) can accelerate the development of precision medicine for neurological diseases.

OSP: Could you please tell us the ‘elevator presentation’ description of Beacon Biosignals—who you are, what you do, and what sets you apart from other companies operating in this same space?

JD: Beacon’s machine learning platform for EEG enables and accelerates new treatments that transform the lives of patients with neurological, psychiatric, or sleep disorders. Novel machine learning algorithms, large clinical datasets, and advances in software engineering allow Beacon Biosignals to empower biopharma companies with unparalleled tools for efficacy monitoring, patient stratification, and clinical trial endpoints from brain data. Beacon’s platform gives insights into brain disease and captures drug effects in ways that have previously been impossible. Our approach and specific technology set us apart.

The other big differentiator frankly is Beacon’s unparalleled concentration of expertise. The number of MDs/Ph.Ds on the team, the number of years in clinical practice, and the number of patients seen, as well as the breadth of experience applying targeted machine learning to biosignals, is rare in a startup.

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