Intel 13th Gen Core “Raptor Lake” desktop CPU to feature up to 68MB or L2/L3 cache

Intel Raptor Lake with bigger cache

A newly leaked screenshot supposedly showing Intel 13th Gen Core ‘Cache configuration’ has been posted by OneRaichu

There is really no way to tell if this is the flagship Raptor Lake CPU, so it does not make sense to throw SKU names at this point. What is clear though is that the alleged screenshot shows a combination of 8 ‘big’ cores and 16 ‘small cores’, which is a configuration of the upcoming Intel CPU.

Intel 13th Gen Core series is to feature a new Performance core microarchitecture called Raptor Cove. While the number of these cores will not change over a generation, each core is said to feature more cache. This would be confirmed by the following screenshot:

Alleged Cache Configuration of Intel Raptor Lake CPU, Source: OneRaichu

Here’s a reminder that 12th Gen Core “Alder Lake” series features 1280 KB of L2 cache and 3072 KB of L3 cache per each Golden Cove/Performance core. The hybrid architecture also features up to two clusters of four Gracemont/Efficient cores. Each of those clusters is connected to 2048 KB of L2 cache and 3072 KB of L3 cache.

A screenshot from CPU-Z software posted by OneRaichu shows the configuration of L1, L2 and L3 caches. It seemingly confirms that L2 cache (third row) will get 2MB per each ‘big’ core and 4MB per a cluster of small cores. This SKU would feature four such clusters and a combined number of 16 ‘small’ cores. In fact, the multiplier of ’16’ confirms exactly this number. Such configuration equals 32MB of L2 cache, and combined with 36MB of L3 it gives a total cache of 68MB, so 24MB more than Alder Lake.

Interestingly, a Raptor Lake successor codenamed “Meteor Lake” should offer a smaller 3MB L2 cache for a cluster of small (Crestmont) cores. However, we still do not know what configurations of desktop chips (if any) are planned. Although Intel has only showcased its mobile Meteor Lake chips, the company confirmed the architecture will scale up to 125W.

Intel Mainstream Desktop CPU Roadmap (RUMORED)
VideoCardz 12th Gen Core
Alder Lake
13th Gen Core
Raptor Lake
14th Gen Core
Meteor Lake
Launch Date Q4 2021 Q4 2022 Q2 2023
Fabrication Node Intel 7 (10nm) Intel 7 (10nm) Intel 4 (7nm)
Big Core µArch Golden Cove Raptor Cove Redwood Cove
Small Core µArch Gracemont Gracemont Crestmont
Graphics µArch Gen12.2 Gen12.2 Gen 12.7
Max Core Count 16 (8C+8c) 24 (8C+16c) TB
L2 Cache (up to) 8x 1.25MB (big) + 2x 2MB (small) 8x 2MB (big) + 4x 4MB (small) ?x 2MB (big) + ?x 3MB (small)
L3 Cache (up to) 30MB 36MB TB
Total Cache (L2+L3) (up to) 44MB 68MB TB
socket LGA1700 LGA1700 TB
Memory Support DDR4/DDR5-4800 DDR4/DDR5-5600 DDR5
PCIe Gen PCIe 5.0 PCIe 5.0 PCIe 5.0

source: OneRaichu through Wccftech

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