Can a bag save the planet? maybe it can

How do we control global warming? A daunting question faced by humanity! Could vegan leather be one of the answers? maybe?

A premium material like leather finds itself front and center of the most expensive and exclusive brands and products in the world. It has had a controversial history in the fashion industry. Sure, we love to flaunt our timeless leather jacket, but the debate about the ethics of its iconic material will always be ongoing.

With ethical fashion being the utmost important objective at present, consumers are reading their labels carefully, and opting for more sustainable choices. Leather bags have always been a favorite of the style conscious and yet are a classic piece for many. But this beautiful leather bag is possibly one of the largest contributors to global warming. For those of you who are unaware, leather hide comes mostly from buffaloes. Their skin is processed in multiple ways to create the final product that you can buy from a store. It is one of the cruellest raw materials in the fashion industry and one of the largest contributors to global warming. The cattle required to meet the need for the leather and the meat industry, requires land to graze, thousands of gallons of water and tremendous amounts of food so they can grow to the required size. All these resources are no longer easily and readily available. Therefore, across the world, entire forests are being cut down, to clear land for livestock farming.

This heinous act has over the years has resulted in a steep decline in the percentage of forest cover of our planet. It is no mystery that each tree in a forest generates oxygen, reduces carbon dioxide. Thus, for the planet, a forest is like its lungs.

The most successful leather alternative to this? vegan leather! Made at a factory, there is no cruelty involved in the process. While vegan leather is not one material fits all, there are several brands that work with different materials. The only harm done whilst purchasing the product is the one created while making and delivering the product. The same can be easily cured by the simple act of planting a tree, every time a bag is sold; and a host of other environment friendly activities that can make the process sustainable.

Despite the current model of fast fashion and overconsumption – which can admittedly be good for business but not equally good for people or the planet in the long run, the aim to ensure we don’t leave behind a broken planet.

We still have a long way to go in transforming industries to make them eco-friendly. In the meantime, using vegan leather as one of the alternatives for your bags could be a good beginning. Today, the vegan leather industry is quickly catching up and has found a host of applications. Amid evolving consciousness about consumption in fashion, sustainable vegan leather is being rooted for across continents. Starting from the biggest electric car manufacturer using vegan leather for their car seats to budding start-ups using plant based sustainable, eco-friendly material to make vegan leather laptop bags, vegan leather ladies’ handbags etc. In fact, a lot of luxury global brands are adopting sustainable measures to manufacture their product. There is a paradigm shift in fashion, and science that is collaborating with fashion. With the pandemic shaking up everything, how we think, what we eat and wear, there is more effort and research in practices and life cycles of fashion products to increase longevity and with minimal guilt. The quality is almost the same or sometimes even better. Agreed you cannot pass it down to generations but then again why would you want to pass on dead skin? You can live life guilt free and save the planet!



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