NBA Game 7 Predictions: Who will win Bucks-Celtics, Mavs-Suns?

Bucks-Celtics has been epic. Mavs-Suns has been unexpected. Both second-round series are going the distance with a trip to the conference finals on the line. Which teams will prevail? Which stars will step up? Our writers weigh in.

Celtics Bucks, Game 7: Who ya got?

Howard Beck: The team with the best player usually wins the series, so you gotta go with Giannis Antetokounmpo and the Bucks† Then again, the home team has won 79 percent of all Game 7s, so you gotta go with the Celtics† But keep in mind, the Bucks have already won two of three games in Boston in this series, so obviously you gotta go with the Bucks. And yet, last we forget, the Bucks intentionally surrendered home-court advantage to the Celtics on the last day of the regular season, creating bad karma and angering the basketball gods, so you gotta go with the Celtics. Also, I clearly cannot choose the wine in front of me. What was the question again?

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