NFL schedule makers insist Lions not ‘unattractive’ despite no primetime games

The Detroit Lions are the only team without a primetime game this season, but Michael North, the NFL’s vice president of broadcast planning and scheduling, insists the team isn’t an unattractive option for one of those featured slots.

“Unattractive is not the right word,” North said during a conference call with media on Friday. “We certainly looked at schedules as we searched through the infinite space, somewhere in the 119,000 schedule (options) we looked at, was Detroit on the Monday Night Football schedule? Absolutely, yes.”

Lions fans enjoy the Detroit victory over Green Bay on the last game of the season at Ford Field.

North further explained that the NFL doesn’t limit its view of national exposure through the lens of primetime games, but also include the 4:25 pm contests that air each week on Fox and CBS. What wasn’t noted by North is the Lions also failed to secure a game in one of those slots this season, as well.

But North was quick to point out that Detroit’s annual Thanksgiving Day slot remains one of the top-viewed games each season.

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