Heineken Saint Lucia Ltd. Steps Up Further To Advance Recycling Efforts On Island

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Saint Lucia’s leading sustainable beverage and manufacturer, Heineken Saint Lucia Ltd. has pledged its continued partnership for REPLAST.

The company along with its Coca Cola and Piton Malta brands on Thursday May 12, announced an investment of ninety-five thousand, three hundred dollars ($95,300.00) towards the continuation of the recycling scheme, during a check handover at its Commercial office in Union, castries.

This investment will facilitate Phase 3 of the project for the period May – August 2022, to safeguard the continued operations of the REPLAST Collection Points (RPCs) within northern and southern districts.

In the absence of a sustainable deposit system for plastic on island, REPLAST- a project aimed at incentivizing plastic waste collection and recycling scheme in Saint Lucia, continues to fill the void.

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Notwithstanding, Heineken Saint Lucia continues to engage Government and other industry players on the design of an appropriate system.

To date, REPLAST has collected over one hundred and twenty-nine thousand pounds (129,000 lbs.) of PET plastic bottles, which has been further disturbed to recycling plants within the wider Caribbean.

Corporate Affairs Manager at Heineken Saint Lucia Ms. Louise Victor presented on Thursday saying “this continued partnership is our company’s way of raising the bar in our ambition to care for the planet. Our commitment towards Brewing a Better World includes our ambition to maximize the circularity of our products and give a second life to our input and output materials. We believe a circular approach will deliver more efficient use of resources, have significant environmental benefits and provide new commercial opportunities for the communities within which we operate.”

On April 22, one of the company’s leading brands, Piton Malta announced its support for REPLAST.

Category Manager for Piton Malta Fern Wilson- Jean, also commented adding “over the years, Piton Malta has maximized the circularity of its glass bottles and we intend to achieve the same with the new packaging type for the beverage in the plastic bottle. The brands’ partnership with REPLAST for this new phase of the project is a demonstration of our commitment to remaining proactive in finding and creating sustainable solutions within the value chain. Effective May 21, consumers can play their part too by dropping off their plastic Piton Malta bottles for recycling at the REPLAST Collection Points.”

Heineken Saint Lucia Ltd will continue to support the REPLAST Collection locations effective May 21 and onwards at the Rodney Heights Aquatic Centre, Gros Islet or Constitution Park Castries and Citrus Grove, Laborie.

To keep abreast with REPLAST Collection Points Schedule visit REPLAST OECS on Facebook and Instagram.

Source: Heineken Saint Lucia Ltd. Headline photo: Pictured from LR Louise Victor and Fern Wilson-Jean of Heineken Saint Lucia with McAllister Hunte of Unite Caribbean Ltd.

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