mars: NASA image reveals a “door” on the rocky surface of Mars claiming life on the planet

Conspiracists have gathered together again to suggest that there is life on Mars. This comes to the surface again after NASA recently released a grainy image of what looks like a ‘doorway’ on the rock surface of the neighboring planet.

The picture is said to be shot by NASA Curiosity Rover, which shows a hole on the rock surface. The camera used is Mastcam (Mast Camera) on Sol 3466. But NASA has failed to provide any explanation whatsoever about this sighting.

What is the US government doing about this?

The timing of this image release could not have been more perfect. The US Congress next Tuesday, for the first time in five decades, has decided to hold a hearing about UFOs and extraterrestrial beings. The subcommittees of the US House Intelligence Committee like Counterproliferation, Counter-terrorism and Counterintelligence will oversee all the proceedings.

The government of the United States did release a report on Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) in the summer of last year. In the report, the Director of National Intelligence mentioned 144 cases of UFOs. However, only one of those cases could be adequately explained.

André Carson, the Panel Chair, gave a statement that the citizens of the US should expect and believe that the government and intelligence officials will take everything into account. They will calculate all the risks and will be prepared to fight against anything that threatens the security of the nation – especially those that are yet unknown.

What are the netizens saying about this?

As soon as the image was released by NASA, comments online and offline came pouring in. Some believe it to be a hoax, while some believe it to be a cleverly deceptive image.

One online user went on to suggest that the image looks like the formation of a portal while the walls surrounding it are most certainly artificial.

Another user swears that there are at least five Martians hidden in plain sight through camouflage.

One Reddit user objectively said that it is not a door but rather an even surface of broken rock.

On (a website that deals with folklore, legends, mythologies, misinformation and rumours), this debate took another turn. It claimed that the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) of the agency had informed them that it was an extremely zoomed image of a tiny crevice in the rock. The team’s scientist said that the aperture is 11 inches wide and 17 inches long.

They further said that NASA is set on the fact that this “doorway” is nothing but a small aperture. At the same time, they have not ruled out whether Martians used tiny-little doors or not.

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