NFL Power Rankings: reassessing all 32 teams after the draft

Ja’Marr Chase taught us two things last year: One is not to listen to any of us; two is that life can change faster for NFL teams than we’ve ever envisioned. So let’s not waste time or energy paying lip service to the fact that the draft is a years-long process that we can’t evaluate until the next election cycle. Some team is going to hit it big this season and ride the wave of rookie stardom into the playoffs—like the Bengals did last year, going from 4-11-1 all the way to the Super Bowl.

We already ran through this exercise after the hectic opening of free agency (and some blockbuster trades), but now is truly the perfect time to reevaluate where franchises stand and where they could be in a matter of months. I also graded each team’s draft haul here, but now come join us for our latest installment of power rankings.


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