New ‘Sunbreak’ trailer shows off four monsters and Switch Skill Swapping

A new trailer has been shared alongside today’s (May 10) digital event for the upcoming Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak expansion in development at capcomand it shows off new monsters, characters and more.

The new trailer and digital event have been released ahead of the Monster Hunter Rise expansion’s release on June 30. The 16-minute stream, which contains the trailercan be seen below:

One of the most notable additions in sunbreak from the presentation was the “Switch Skill Swap,” and other advanced player movement options. The Switch Skill Swap essentially lets players change between Switch Skills on the fly, as two can be loaded up to an individual weapon at once. Switch Skills are basically different weapon movesets, meaning players can get even more creative by binding two to one weapon.

The Swap Evade even lets players quickly dodge out of the way whilst swapping sets, meaning they don’t need to make on-the-fly decisions between swapping skills or not getting hit, as they can do both.

The downloadable content will also add new monsters, characters, a home base, and the new Master Rank. Four monsters were shown off in the trailer, with Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate‘s Seregios, which can cause the bleeding status via bladescales that it throws at the player, making a return.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.
Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. Credit: Capcom.

Two monster subspecies will also be introduced in sunbreak, as the Aurora Somnacanth can release a cold air to freeze those around it, whilst the regular monster species would release a sleep-inducing powder. The other subspecies is the Magma Almudron, which lives in lava caverns and can use the magma on its tail to attack hunters.

The flagship monster for sunbreak is called Malzeno, and this winged beast has a variety of powerful attacks, with some even causing the new and bloodblight status effect. During this effect, the player must directly contend with Malzeno as it attempts to drain their health. If Malzeno manages to absorb enough life force, it “evolves into an even more powerful form”.

All-new follower quests are coming to Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak too, which allow the player to take NPCs with them on the hunt. These are single-player only, but the followers are sure to lend a much-needed hand, as each has its own weapon specialisation. More characters can be unlocked as the player progresses the story.

In other news, new PS3 and PS Vita updates now mean that players can’t create new accounts on the consoles themselvesbut instead have to do so on external devices.

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